The smartphone accessory that makes you a better film photographer
Lumu turns your iPhone into a dead-simple light meter


3Doodler | MoMA Store

The first 3D printing pen, this innovative tool enables the user to create 3D designs whenever the mood strikes. Designers, artists, teachers, and architects can now test out their ideas in a way that’s quick, easy, and fun.


Pour one out for Facebook, which in a few short years may become a shell of its current, blue-bordered self. According to a new study out of Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Facebook will see a dramatic drop in usage rates before the end of the decade, losing 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.

Facebook is on a another level compared to MySpace


I’m Anne-Marie Imafidon and I’m the youngest girl ever to pass an A-level in Computing (done aged 11 instead of 18) and am one of the youngest to gain a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University (aged 20). I was UK IT Young Professional of the Year in 2013 and currently work in technology at a bank.

I set up the Stemettes project in 2013 to inspire girls to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (collectively known as STEM) by showing them the lovely women already working in STEM. Since February 2013 we’ve held panel events, hackathons and exhibitions around the UK, where hundreds of girls have been able to create their own mobile apps, games & data visualisations, as well as meet all kinds of women from across STEM.

I started the project because I love my job and can’t believe that the number of women going into STEM in the UK is so low and has been falling. Girls are missing out on a whole word of creativity, fun and being able to impact lives - so I’m doing what I can to show girls that they can have a full, fulfilling, happy and normal life if they join this industry.

In the future, I’d love for Stemettes to be something that all girls can access and try out some of STEM for themselves - being it creating their own mobile app, mixing up their own cocktails or attempting to create and prove their own theorems. Maybe then, we’ll have more girls trying to and succeeding in the increasingly important (and exciting) STEM industry.

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Remembering Steve Jobs

February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

Sort of crazy that it was two years ago today that Steve Jobs passed away. Seems like it was a lot longer ago.


President Obama compares buggy new healthcare site to iOS 7

In his speech over the government’s shutdown and the launch of a new healthcare site, President Barack Obama has brought up the trump card in modern political debates: successful and beloved tech companies. Obama addressed criticism of, the sleek but buggy and unreliable system that lets Americans shop for health care plans, by comparing it to Apple’s iOS. “Like every new law, every new product rollout, there are going to be some glitches in the sign-up process along the way that we will fix, he said. “Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it.” 


Speed test comparison between all iPhones ever made

> I knew the 4 took forever to boot up and it wasn’t just my phone.

> Can someone make a gif of him unlocking all those iPhones with one swipe?

> so many fingers….

> The way he unlocked all the phones with one swipe is freaking awesome.

> 2G sems pretty happy toward the end of the video:


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iPhone 5c


Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 5S and 5C!

Today, Apple detailed all the specs on the two new iPhones that will be hitting the market soon, the iPhone 5S and the more affordable iPhone 5C.

Let’s start off with the iPhone 5S:

The new phone isn’t too much different in design with the exception of an addition metal ring to indicate the new home button’s purpose as a fingerprint scanner. Other than that, no real changes were made to the outside of the phone. Although, it is going to be available only in gold, grey, or silver.

Powering the 5S is Apple’s new A7 processor. It’s the first 64-bit chip to be implemented into a smart phone making the 5S twice as fast as the iPhone 5. The phone will run on Open GL ES 3.0 which will increase it’s graphics performance tenfold.

Along with the A7, Apple is using a “motion co-processor” called the M7 which will continuously measure motion data with an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. It will supposedly “enable a new generation of health and fitness apps” by letting apps access the motion data.

The new icon-less home button will be a fingerprint scanner dubbed “Touch ID”. The scanner is intended to add another level of security in lieu of a passcode. Placing your thumb down on the scanner will unlock the phone. The silver ring will detect when your finger is on the phone, so the button does not actually have to be pressed for it to unlock.

The fingerprint sensor has a 500ppi resolution and 360 degree readability.

The camera on the phone has a dual-LED flash which will improve any night photography you may have planned. The camera remains at 8 megapixels but will use a larger f/2.2 aperture and a larger sensor. The auto focus will be twice as fast, and a new burst mode will capture up to ten framers per second. The camera also has a slow motion option for video, allow the user to record 720p video at 120FPS.

The battery life on the phone has improved slightly with 10 hours of talk time, LTE browsing, and 250 hours standby.

The price of the phone is going to remain pretty much the same. The iPhone 5S 16GB will cost $199, 32GB $299, and the 64GB will cost $399. There’s also an unlocked and contract free version available for T-Mobile with prices for the 16GB starting at $650.

Now for the iPhone 5C:

The design for the 5C has a plastic back that comes in blue, green, white, yellow, and red. It’s made from one single part with no joints or lines. Each case is steel enforced, and iOS7 will automatically match the color of your phone out of the box. The front of the phone is black.

Internally, the 5C is basically and iPhone 5 encased in a plastic shell. It runs on the 5’s A6 processor and has an 8 megapixel camera with the same 4-inch retina and lightning adapter. The front facing camera is better than the iPhone 5, and designed to function better in low-light conditions.

The 16GB iPhone 5C will run you about $100, with the 32GB model at $200 with a two year contract. Off contract you’re looking at spending between $550-$650 respectively.

The iPhone 5S and 5C will be available on September 20th.


Are you going to snatch up an iPhone 5S or is the 5C more your style? Let us know in the comments down below!


Tumblr tells iOS users to download security update, change their passwords

Users of Tumblr’s iOS app are advised to immediately install a new security update and change their passwords, says the company, following the discovery of a security vulnerability. (Passwords could be “sniffed” — intercepted on local networks — in some versions of the app.) A representative told The Verge that “earlier today, Tumblr was notified of a security vulnerability introduced in our iOS app,” and immediately acted to close it and notify affected users. 

Microsoft right now with there Xbox One DRM Policies summed up in one gif

Microsoft right now with there Xbox One DRM Policies summed up in one gif



iOS 6 vs iOS 7

Things change.


The future of Google Glass?

Digital creative agency Playground knows that Glass is in its early days, but they imagine a future in which Glass helps with navigation, shopping, hobbies and much more. And according to Playground, “All of our examples are actually possible right now. Smartphones (batteries not included) have enough raw processing power to run this software today. If only current batteries were ten times more efficient and there was a robust native hardware API for Glass. Well, it’s coming. Sooner than we think.”

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